"We have a program underway to modernize legacy systems, and that program is going to run for at least three years. We see Ness playing a big role in helping us in that area."
ARC, Vice President & CIO, Randy Dion Black
"The Ness team helped our company take another step into the future of education and learning. You guys have done an amazing job. Keep it up!"
Global Learning Management System
"I think what has made this relationship very successful is that both teams have put the work into it. You really want to build a partnership and not just have a customer-vendor relationship. One of the important things that I have seen is that we have a partner in Ness; a company that has spent the time to understand our business and understand our strategy at the managerial and executive level."
Sparta Systems, Inc., Vice President, R&D , Bruce Kratz
"Ness was instrumental in enabling us to rebuild our platform in a centralized manner. We selected Ness 5 years ago and haven’t looked back."
Sports Content & Media Company

Case Studies

Not just collaborating. Co-innovating.

British Airways Launch Most Advanced App Yet

Digitally savvy travellers expect a seamless mobile experience from an airline. They use their phone to look for a holiday and again when they arrive at the airport, board their flight and land at their destination....read more