​​​Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ness Software Engineering Services, we are committed to affecting a positive change in the company’s immediate surroundings and leaving a positive footprint in the world.

Ness Sense

Ness Sense is an initiative by Ness volunteers who help lead and sustain our CSR efforts. Over the years, Ness Sense has created a platform that allows for participation with clear objectives and ensures that initiatives are successfully carried through with focus and passion. These activities take place in all of Ness centers across the world including India, Kosice, Iasi, US and other regions.

Locally and Globally

We believe that business isn’t just about making profits, but ensuring that we help create a better world. Because of this, Ness has a deep history of involvement in numerous causes and giving back to our communities. Since 2009, Ness has been a participant in United Nations Global Compact—all of our operations across the world adhere to its principles, and we are committed to making ongoing progress.

Going Green

Designed to make our company a vehicle of change, Ness Green helps ensure that we’re contributing to a cleaner and a more sustainable planet. Ness Green is based upon three principles: The conservation of energy resources, the creation of eco-balance through tree planting, and the reduction of harmful plastics. To achieve these goals, our employees have embarked on tree and sapling planting initiatives across the world. There are many events celebrating occasions like the World Environment Day, among others. Centers also have started programs to reduce the usage of paper and help in the reduction of pollution.

Community Matters

Through Ness Community, Ness employees take part in various community-centric drives, especially in the educational sector. Our teams in India have “adopted” government schools to help provide quality education to students. In 2011, the Kosice Development Center entered into cooperation with OAZA, a shelter for homeless people. More recently, Ness volunteers from Iasi celebrated Children’s Day by visiting underprivileged children providing gifts, toys and much-needed supplies. ​